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Who We Are

We, at Physio Mechanics live and breathe excellence in total body rehabilitation. We have 3 well established, thriving clinics in Takanini, Karaka and Pukekohe, South Auckland.  

We are not just your standard physio clinic. Our multidisciplinary team are passionate and dedicated to our full rehab facility which offers physiotherapy, pilates, an onsite gym, massage therapy, chiropractic care, custom orthotic prescription, and a 3D running lab. 

Yes, our patients leave their first session feeling better, empowered and educated, but they also leave with a rehab plan that they are focussed and commited to, to ensure together we get them back doing what they love painfree, fast, and long term. We get huge job satisfaction out of utilizing our amazing skills, techniques, knowledge, and technology to witness amazing results everyday.  

Ready to help us change lives? 

What We Offer

- The best ongoing learning opportunities - We run an epic induction programme with ongoing mentoring, regular inservices and team meetings, CPD funding and so many opportunities. Personal and professional development is the key to success, so whatever your passion is in the field of physiotherapy, we can make it happen. Currently we have post graduate qualifications in acupuncture, dry needling, womens health, headache and migraine management, sideline management, and orthotic prescription, and we are always excited to add to this. 

- Amazing salary remuneration - with added KPI performance incentive bonuses both fortnightly and quarterly. 

- A high achieving team - that gets results. We all openly work through systems and frameworks to ensure patient care is absolutely optimised. We support each other, and push ourselves to deliver the excellence we promise with such a variety of presentations ensuring we achieve personal and professional goals daily.  

- An epic team culture - We have the most amazing fun along the way with regular staff dinners, shared lunches, out of clinic events and get togethers. We are a very supportive and approachable family unit at Physio Mechanics.  

- Flexibility and Work/Life Balance - This is critical so we focus on the important things in life.  


Only apply for this role if you are an A player and the following describes you.......

- You are a fun, personable, outgoing practitioner and have a desire to excel in private practice.  

- You’re always openly looking to develop your clinical knowledge and skills, and are eager to take on new and exciting challenges., therefore thriving on feedback.  

- You have great people skills, fantastic communication and enjoy working as part of a dynamic team, while having a laugh and banter in our vibrant culture.  

- You want the opportunity to become more than just a standard team member because you know that you are able to deliver much much more.  

- You are constantly striving for excellence and further learning, and surrounding yourself with knowledgeable and a supportive team, who together make amazing things happen.  


  Whether you are a young energetic practitioner looking for an inspiring practice to leap frog years in your learning curve, or you are more experienced and want to expand your career opportunities and reach your true potential, we would love to meet you. 

If you are the right fit for us, I will personally tailor a job description that excites and motivates you daily, ensuring your career comes along in leaps and bounds in whatever your area of passion is. 

Tell us why this job is for you! Simply click on the link below and you will hear from me personally very shortly. 

Abby Greenwood

Director and Senior Physiotherapist, Physio Mechanics